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Partition Service and Maintenance

Baskeball Backstop Maintenance

Telescopic Seating Maintenance

Service And Maintenance

Partition Maintenance
Folding Partitions like any piece of mechanical equipment also require normal maintenance. From normal maintenance to retrofits and overhauls, R.J. McCarville Associates is ready to assist you with all of your folding partition requirements.  More...


Basketball Backstop Maintenance
Although most gymnasium’s utilize basketball backstops, they are often overlooked in regards to maintenance.  After their initial design and installation, many of these units are not serviced as recommended. From service to replacements to new projects, we have the knowledge, equipment, and experience at our disposal to help.  More...


Telescopic Seating Maintenance
While most seating systems are not maintained until a problem occurs, we strongly support NFPA and IBC, which mandate normal maintenance.  Finding a potential problem before it becomes an extensive repair will not only save money in the long run but will avoid a potential break down of the equipment.  Below you will find the normal routine maintenance procedures.  We are regularly engaged in the installation, maintenance, and service of these systems and are ready to help with all of your maintenance needs.  More...


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