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R.J. McCarville Associates, LTD. Basketball Backstops

Baskeball Backstops

Baskeball Backstops

Baskeball Backstops

Basketball Backstops

Basketball Backstops are commonly installed in gymnasium’s or athletic facilities.  This equipment is available in three design types including ceiling suspended, wall mounted, or portable.

Ceiling suspended backstops are custom manufactured to meet the ceiling truss layout of your facility and offer the most flexible of designs.  These units can be forward folding, backward folding,  side folding, or stationary.  Folding backstops can be electrically or manually operated and when retracted offer unobstructed sight lines. 

Wall mounted backstops are also custom manufactured to meet the facilities layout.  While less expensive than the ceiling suspended units, they are also not as flexible.  Available in side folding, forward folding and stationary these units are limited by a 10 ft. extension from the wall they are mounted on.  Also, the wall construction must be such as to support the structure which limits the usability of wall mounted units.  Forward folding wall mounted backstops are available in manual and electric operation as well.

Portable backstops are available in a variety of constructions.  From plastic bases and acrylic backboards (residential line) to hydraulically operated, steel based units with glass backboards (professional line).  However, quality portable backstops tend to economically feasible only to those facilities where ceiling or wall mounted units can not be utilized.

Although most gymnasium’s utilize basketball backstops, they are often overlooked in regards to maintenance.  After their initial design and installation, many of these units are not serviced as recommended.  Superstructure components (the framing of the unit attached to the ceiling or wall) are often never tightened or inspected.  Manual and electric winches need to be lubricated, adjusted and serviced.  Hoisting components such as pulley;s and hoist cables should be checked and replaced when required.  Backboards, goals, and nets should be checked for damaged components and compliance.

In addition, R.J. McCarville Assoc. strongly recommends safety locks be installed on all operable backstops to insure spectator safety in case of equipment failure.

From service to replacements to new projects, we have the knowledge, equipment, and experience at our disposal to help.

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